easa dino

Hello you.

There have been some thoughts about having a somehow serious Dino meeting, in 2009. Small but nice.
Maybe twenty - fourty people. We'll see. The other thing we thought about was to set up some kind of online way
to register our addresses, so we can find each other, even after years. If we want or need. I'll work on it.

The idea was to set up a meeting that is enabling people who to discuss their relevant subjects in
architecture/urban planning and to discuss future project oriented co-operations.

The event is supposed to last a week and have a serious perspective, even though it should be a very enjoyable event.

It might be a small first step in achieving the ideas Jelk, Arvid, Adam and others have been discussing on EAPA.
I believe it is a thing which can grow, but doesn't need to be or even shouldn't be too big in the beginning.
The only thing it needs is people who really are seriously interested and contributing on the event itself.
The results - if any - will speak for themselves and make it 'sustainable'.

Let us know if you want to join or contribute or if you have some island for sale that you think we can afford,
preferably somewhere in de adriatic sea, please contact Jelk.

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